Up and Coming News

  1. 2021 May 20: Rana Massoud, Riccardo Berta, Stefan Poslad, etc published an article, IoT Sensing for Reality-Enhanced Serious Games, a Fuel-Efficient Drive Use Case, on MDPI Sensors. Internet of Things technologies are spurring new types of instructional games, namely reality-enhanced serious games (RESGs), that support training directly in the field. This work uses real car engine data to facilitate an RESG  application to promote fuel-efficient driving.
  2. 2021 May 7: Meng Xu, Yang Gu, Stefan Poslad, Shiqing Xue publish a paper on International Joint Conference on Neural Network, titled “Optimized Computation Combining Classification and Detection Networks with Distillation”.
  3. 2021 May 6: The IPIN 2020 Competition paper has been accepted by the IEEE Sensors Journal, which highlighed the works driven by Bang Wu, Stefan Poslad, Yonglei Fan, etc., in IoT2US Lab.
  4. 2021 Feb 27: The head of IoT2US Lab, Stefan Poslad has been recognised as being in the top 2% of the world’s scientists.