Academic Staff @International partners

CWChaowei Wang, PhD, Associate Prof. at school of EE in BUPT. His research interests include: Interference management/mitigation in 5G, NOMA, mmWave communications, SDN, mobile crowd sensing and IoT. He’s funded by NSFC, MOST, Beijing Municipal, China Mobile and CETC, etc. Dr. Wang has authored about 80 journal/conference papers (IEEE JSAC, China Science, 2014 IEEE WCNC Best Paper Award, etc. ) and 1 book (in Chinese). He’s holding 12 invention patents (12 Chinese patents and 2 US patents). Dr. Wang was granted by the Beijing Talents Foundation in 2017. He was visiting QMUL in London (2012) and UCI in California (2017-2018). He served as TPC members/session chairs for several flagship conferences. He’s currently the reviewers of IEEE TVT, IEEE CL and IEEE TCOM and IEEE Access.