Research and Science Aims

The overall aim of this IoT (Internet of Things) Lab is to use IoT as an enabler to promote a more inclusive, cross-disciplinary vision of science. Hence an expanded title of the Lab is the IoT2US (IoT towards Ubiquitous, computing and, Science by all) Lab.

IoT2US has four main specific research and science aims:

  • To leverage IoT to promote more inclusive, deep citizen science research & development, not just in to the UK, but globally, and in particular to tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in low and medium income developing countries
  • To deploy IoT to foster innovation & creativity by Anyone, connecting Anything, Anytime, Anywhere (4A view of IoT)
  • To facilitate a cross-disciplinary approach to IoT [more->] that spans computer science, electronic engineering, material science, physical science, natural science, social science, etc..
  • To use IoT to tackle targeted challenges, [more->]g., deeper profiling of human and animal behaviour through motion tracking and data analytics using both smart mobiles and with smart (physical) environments; user-centred privacy and security for smart (IoT) interaction, sustainable and energy-efficient IoT interaction.

The current areas of focus of the Labs are on: