IOT2US Lab Won the 2nd Place in IPIN2020 Competition

IOT2US Lab Won the 2nd Place  in IPIN2020 Competition

Introduction of IPIN Competition

Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) is the largest international academic conference in the field of indoor positioning over the world. It was initiated by Federal Institute of technology, Zurich in 2010. Additionally, IPIN also holds indoor positioning competition every year. This competition and another two indoor positioning competitions held by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Microsoft (MILC), respectively, are the most authoritative international indoor positioning competitions, which represents the most cutting-edge level of indoor positioning technologies.

Competition Tracks

IPIN2020 is the 7th international indoor positioning competition. Scholars from academia and industry are all able to participate. This year, the competition consists of 5 tracks:

  • Track 3: Smartphone (11 teams participated)
  • Track 4: Foot-mounted IMU (3 teams participated)
  • Track 5: xDR in manufacturing (2 teams participated)
  • Track 6: On-vehicle smartphone (3 teams participated)
  • Track 7: Channel impulse response (1 team participated)

Track #3 is the most competitive one since it attracts the largest number of teams to participate. This year, there are 11 teams in this track #3.

Here is a brief introduction on track #3. The experiment for this competition was conducted in the library at Universidad Jaume I in Spain. This library has five floors. The data is collected by a generic smartphone that has many built-in sensors, e.g., WiFi, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, light sensor, sound sensor, temperature sensor, etc. There is much training data provided for participators to train their methods. The evaluation data is a long path that an experimenter, holding a smartphone to record the data, walks freely in this library for about 20 minutes. So each participator should use their algorithms to estimate the location of this path. There are no restrictions on estimation methods for all teams.


11 teams from the world’s top universities, research institutes or high-tech companies participated in this competition. Here is a list of the teams.

IOT2US is a team combined by IOT2US Lab of Queen Mary University (QMUL), Smart City Institute of Shenzhen University (SZU) and Electronic Engineering Department of University College London (UCL). Team members include Wu Bang (QMUL), Ma Chengqi (UCL), Zhang Wei (SZU), Yankun Wang (SZU), fan Yonglei (QMUL), Stefan Poslad (supervisor, QMUL), Weixi Wang (supervisor, SZU), David Selviah (supervisor, UCL). After one month’s hard work, IOT2US team won the second place in the competition.

The results are as follows:

Previous Achievements of IOT2US

The 6th IPIN competition held in Pisa, Italy on September 30, 2019. 15 teams from the world’s top universities, research institutes or high-tech companies (such as Intel, Tencent, line) and indoor positioning professional companies (such as Xihe technology, fineway, arards) took part in the competition, which is very competitive.

The IOT2US Team, of which members are from the IOT2US Laboratory of Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the Department of electronic engineering, University College London(UCL), won the 3rd place. The team members include Bang Wu(QMUL), Chengqi Ma(UCL), Stefan Poslad (Supervisor, QMUL), David Selviah (Supervisor, UCL), Wei Wu(WHU), Xiaoshuai Zhang(QMUL), Guangyuan Zhang(QMUL) and Zixiang Ma(QMUL).

Edited by Yonglei Fan, Bang Wu, and Guangyuan Zhang.