Mobile Services (ECS725P) Module

This is a core semester 2 (Jan. to Mar.) for the MSc. IoT and consists of 24 hours of lectures plus optional Labs. This lecture can be thought of the IoT Intro. 2 module. The lectures are as follows:

1 Smart Mobiles Intro. – how and why this course is about a much larger range of smart mobile devices than just mobile phones and tablets.

2 Multi-Device and Smart Server Models – How can we partition and distribute mobile devices as part of larger (support) systems?

Smart Interaction:

3 WLAN – how can we use Wi-Fi to network mobile service devices?

4 WPAN & WBAN – how can we use networks like Bluetooth to network mobile service devices?

5 WWAN & LPWAN – how can we use GSM and networks such as LoRA and NB-IoT to network mobile service devices?

6 Middleware – How to simplify mobile app software using service-oriented computing models?

7 Volatile Service Invocation – How to design mobile device apps to deal with interference and energy conservation.

8 Mobile Web – How does Mobile phone Web content design differ from PC Web content design?

9 Mobile device (Operating Systems) OS – How does an OS work and how does a mobile phone OS differ from a PC OS?

10 Smart Cards & NFC – How are these designed and implemented?

11 Wearables – What makes these more specific than just smart mobile devices?

12-13 PDI and HDI – How to design Physical world or environment to smart Device Interaction (PDI) and Human environment to smart Device Interaction (PDI)

14-15 Context awareness & Adaptation – How the state of the external physical and human environment to 1 or more smart device systems can be leveraged to improve the system behaviour

16-17 Location Awareness – how location based systems work depending on the no. of transmitters, their range and power, topology, etc.

18-19 Mobility Awareness – how to sense and profile moving things

20-21 Security & Privacy Management – What are the risks and safeguards for mobile devices used in increasing smarter physical and internetworked spaces?

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